OUR PATIENTS feedback at South Florida Jaw & Facial Surgery/Robotic Dental Implant Center

“Trust Your care to the Specialists in Jaw Surgery and Robotic Dental Implant Reconstruction” 

Andrew Testimonial from Sclar Center on Vimeo.

  • “I had heard about Dr. Sclar through a recommendation from another dentist I respected. After some research I learned he is well respected in his community. I had a front tooth where a crown was placed due to an implant that was recently put in. My gumline was receding due to the abutment placed. I felt like a vampire. The gums started off receding just a little, but over several months, it receded to the point where the abutment was alredy showing. I was conscious of it and shied away from smiling. It affected me emotionally and I did not think it could be fixed because a previous dentist told me that this is something that “just” happens sometimes when implants are done and I had to live with it. After the initial visit with Dr. Sclar, he gave me hope that this receding gum line can be fixed. Over a one year time-line, both his team and himself took extra care of me by finding the right size of abutment and providing the grafting with his state of the art technology. Dr. Sclar put me on a strict schedule to personally observe the healing process of the gum and especially to see if there were any new signs of receding gum again. A few nessesary adjustments had to be done at the right time to the abutment to prevent new gum receding. I felt the long process of monitoring through Dr.Sclar himself and his team was paired with excitement and anxiety to see the success of his work. Dr. Sclar and his team were always on top of the whole healing process and continually monitored it which showed their patience and belief in what they are doing. It obvious that they really cared. Dr. Sclar not only provided me back with a beautiful smile again, but he restored my confidence to smile again” Thank you again!  Elizabeth
  • Just a note to thank you for your knowledge, your skill, your care, and your caring.  I much admired the way I was treated by you and your excellent staff.  Best wishes, Mariln
  • “It was excellent from beginning to end.”
  • “This is a fantastic office. Great job.”
  • “My experience has been fantastic.”
  • “My son commented on how nice the staff was and how comfortable they made him feel before his surgery.”
  • “Amazing experience – I was so satisfied that had I had Dr. Sclar’s cell phone or email I would have called him 24 hours after my surgery to rave about my experience.”
  • I can’t thank Dr. Sclar or his staff enough for the renewed confidence I have dealing with dental issues. Dr. Sclar is one of the most patient and empathetic professionals I’ve ever dealt with … I would highly recommend him to anyone…and have.Thanks, Doc, Liz, Nan, Carmen and the rest of the staff; you made a traumatic ordeal bearable and allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I love my new teeth!
  • “I had no pain after getting implant surgery and it was wonderful.”
  • “You are all terrific! I recommend you all the time!
  • “We were very pleased with the excellent service and professionalism of all the staff. The post-op follow-up was appreciated.”
  • “Entire staff is amazing.They really make you feel real comfortable and make you fee like they really care.
  • “Very impressed with your organization”
  • “I cannot say enough about the quality of care I received in your office. From the phone being answered by an individual (not a recording) to my final good-bye and everything in between.”
  • “Dr. Sclar is outstanding. I felt no pain or dicomfort what so ever.”
  • “I received the highest caliber medical treatment delivered by a superb customer driven team.”
  • “As wonderful an expreience as oral surgery can be.”
  • “I would highly recommend Dr. Sclar. I had a gum graft surgery performed on June 9th and I had a very good experience. I had no pain at all; I never took any of the pain medication. I was awake during my surgery and did not have any pain either. I have been healing quite well and I just had my post-op appointment today. I will have another one in August. I can honestly say he is the best oral surgeon I have ever been to and the only one I will ever go to. The staff is also awesome and caring. I made a call after the surgery on off-hours and Dr. Sclar responded to my question 5 minutes later. This says alot about the doctor.”