Before and After Periodontal Plastic Surgery


Before  Gum Recession                                                                Initial Healing 10 days After Gum Grafting


     Before  Gum Recession                             Healing 3 Months After Gum Grafting


         Before  Gum Recession                         Healing 3 Months  After Gum Grafting                                                        


       Before  Uneven Smile from Gum Recession                        Smile Enhancement after root coverage gum grafts

1 Mucograft Pre-op2 Mucograft and Gem21 Growth Factor bone Matrix4 Mucograft Trimmed to fit perfectttly at the Site6 Soft tissue flap closed over bone graft and soft tissue mucograftPicture39

  Gum Recession                 Growth factors and Collagen Gum graft              Immediate post-surgery           3 yrs post repair


   Before Gum Recession on 4 teeth                                     Repair with Growth Factors & Collagen Graft