Cosmetic periodontal surgery

Enhances Your Smile With Cosmetic Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening Surgery

Patients with short teeth are often self-conscious and do not smile freely in an unconscious attempt to hide their smile. Although they think that their teeth are short, excess gum tissue or bone growth distort the “true” length of the tooth crowns so that your teeth appear very short when in fact they are not.

Cosmetic crown extension surgery removes the excess gum tissue and reshapes the bone so that the tooth crowns regain harmonious proportions required for a beautiful smile often referred to as a “Gum Lift”. Although these procedures are commonly completed with a Laser, radio-frequency surgery is preferred as this technology is documented to cause the least amount of tissue damage during surgery and is known to be the most precise tissue sculpting technology widely used in plastic surgery and famously documented as the technology of choice used for the very delicate surgical separation of conjoined twins in textbooks and the media.

The benefits of radio-frequency surgery include; rapid recovery, and minimal discomfort or swelling. Cosmetic crown extension surgery is safe and effective as only excess tissue or bone is removed and cosmetically reshaped. Plenty tissue and bone are preserved to support the teeth and in many cases this leads to healthier teeth and gums. The procedure can be done on a single tooth or several teeth to create a harmonious your gum line that enhances your smile and your facial appearance.

With cosmetic crown lengthening, dissoluble sutures and a protective bandage may be placed to help secure the new gum-to-tooth relationship. You will have a follow up appointment in 1-2 weeks to remove any remaining sutures and evaluate healing. If a protective bandage is not used, you will be able to gently brush the teeth in the area using a super-soft brush that we will provide you. If your dentist plans to change the length of your teeth with veneers or crowns, they will be required to supply a surgical guide to precise gum tissue removal and if needed bone reshaping.