Correction of a Gummy Smile With Lip Repositioning Surgery

Despite crown extension surgery, a small number of patients may still have a “gummy smile” with excessive display of gum tissue when they smile freely. If the patient is still uncomfortable with the amount of gingival display during an animated smile, a Lip Repositioning Procedure can correct the problem. This procedure is minimally invasive. After studying numerous photographs of our patients with relaxed and fully animated smiles at the consultation visit, we use imaging technology to understand the most cosmetic appearance of the patient’s smile. At surgery, a surgical pen is used to mark the amount of lip repositioning that will be required to correct the gummy smile according to our patient’s objective for treatment. Although in most cases, patients want to minimize any exposure of gum tissue during smiling, the cosmetic results are often best when 1-3mm’s of gum tissue are displayed during animated smiling. This procedure may be performed under local anesthesia or IV Sedation. Less than 2 % of our patients require pain medication.